Moe Abutaleb is a seasoned executive who has been involved in various segments of the telecommunications industry since 1977. Throughout his career, Mr. Abutaleb has participated in and managed the definition, development and implementation of numerous satellite and wireless communications networks and products. Mr. Abutaleb has held senior management positions with several companies leading the satellite communications and aerospace industries.

Mr. Abutaleb cofounded Innovative Communications Technologies, Inc. (ICTI) in 1989. As president, he managed the systematic and progressive growth of this self-financed start-up, including the sale of ICTI to a publicly traded corporation in 1999. In 2003, Mr. Abutaleb cofounded UltiSat, serving as president and CEO. In 2011, Mr. Abutaleb was presented with the Tech Council of Maryland's prestigious Executive of the Year Award. Mr. Abutaleb is a coauthor on several patents and holds a MSEE degree, with an emphasis in communications and microelectronics.